While researching disabilities, we found that dyslexia was a very common learning disability. After looking deeper into the needs of people with this condition, we decided to implement a text to speech machine that would allow dyslexic individuals to clarify phrases, sentences, or words that may have served as an obstacle in their learning.

What it does

Takes in a piece of text and reads it back to the user with proper pronunciation in English.

How we built it

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, QOOM

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with implementing the Google Cloud Text to Speech API to make our website functional. Therefore, we switched paths, looking into Javascript APIs that served the same purpose and landing on Speech Synthesis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully completed a functional project at our first hackathon in languages that we've never used before.

What we learned

Javascript, HTML, CSS, QOOM

What's next for accessAbility

Next, we will be adding more language features and a document reading function to this project, as well as improving the design.

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