Currently, there is no easy way to be up-to-date with the Wellesley College Access Van schedule, so we wanted to build an app that allows a user to easily view van stop information and receive texts when an access van is approaching.

What it does

User can select different van stops to view the scheduled arrival time and estimated arrival time. The user can also ask to receive a text when the van is less than 1 minute away.

How we built it

Backend: JavaScript, Node, Express, Heroku, Twilio API, AJAX

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Leaflet.js, Adobe Illustrator

Challenges we ran into

Using Twilio API, Using Leaflet.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the map visualization, Routing in Node, Using Twilio API, Creating logo

What we learned

A lot of JavaScript, Backend routing, HUGE thanks to mentor Adrian Mejia (from Cisco) for helping out especially with the backend

What's next for access2

Allow user to get estimated time for reaching another van stop, Incorporate geolocation to get estimated time to desired van stop from current user location, Including a tracker system for vans, Incorporating responsive design, Converting to mobile app, Expanding to other campuses?

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