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The app is available on the Google Play Store, named AccessBigApple [Requires latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich]

Access-A-Ride, a service provided through the New York City M.T.A., provides 21,000[1] rides on an average weekday for people with disabilities. Access Big Apple utilizes publicly available MTA trip timing data, Google Distance APIs and Google Maps APIs to help the 137,000[1] certified AAR users plan, register and gain greater access to trip information before deciding on a definitive route. Because of its ease of use, clear interface and functionality, users will have greater access to the trip information required to find and maintain employment.

Access Big Apple is accessible to those who are visually impaired by utilizing Google voice recognition to allow users to speak their desired addresses out-loud instead of typing. Access Big Apple is accessible to those who are hearing impaired or deaf by enabling the use of relay service. Additionally, Access Big Apple can be used by any of the 137,000 AAR members regardless of occupation, age or gender.

Aside from its own functionality, Access Big Apple provides additional information about the use of a complementary application that enables greater access to public transportation for people with disabilities, namely, information on the use of an app regarding subway and bus stations accessible to the disabled.

There is currently no other assistive technology tailored specifically toward helping people use the Access-A-Ride service. In the future, partnerships with the MTA and transit organizations around the country would greatly increase the integration of this application and give those Americans with disabilities more opportunities to meet their employment dreams.

[1] New York Times

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