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The education inequality inspired us to build this program. Some students who have much less financial stability or less knowledge about the general society can have much more difficult time finding, asking and locating help with school work and stress from school especially with Covid going on. We believed that with the 24/7 available chat system with database AI and online locating system, it will connect more tutors with students and allow equity to exist within students because those students who struggle can access help immediately and easily.

What it does

Our web app acts as the middleman of education. It has couple features. 1. Chat/video system that is a robot and user chatting system where the robot has databases and it will reply to questions the user asks. This is helpful to provide the necessary information for students. There is a API map for users to check how far they live from learning centres. This can help to directly provide options they have and where they can get help.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and Vue.js to create the frontend design of our web application. Then, we combined it with basic backend Javascript and Firebase to make it function properly.

Challenges we ran into

-We all coded on different environments which disallowed us to download some things like Vue.js platform. -With the lack of time, we couldn't add a video chat system and add further backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With integration of Vue.js and Javascript, we had a 85% functioning program. The chat system, Geolocation API system and the website itself worked really well than we expected.

What we learned

Some of us learned how to use Vue.js which is a rising language that is clean, light and easy to pickup but also very functional. We developed our ideation skills and how to collaborate as a team together. We reviewed HTML and CSS functions once again to make better designs and layouts.

What's next for Accell

-Creating a further extension of Google API map so that it not only provides pinpoints of nearby locations in Canada but also in many other continents to increase the access and usage of maps for direction and location for different parts of the world. -Establishing stronger backend database for the AI robot chat system. This will allow robots to have more data to reply back to the user with proper information, with more time this could be possible and this can allow users to ask more difficult questions like "How do I cope with stress?" so that robots who are accessible 24/7 unlike humans can provide sophisticated answers.

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