We wanted to create something that had a motion detection aspect to it that would trigger some sort of response. Obviously there are countless applications, but we went with a fun and light hearted sounding music generator.

What it does

It uses an accelerometer to detect spatial acceleration in 3 directions and converts it to different frequencies, which are then played through a speaker. We used a Bluetooth modem to remotely output the values to a computer, which could further process the data extensively for other applications. We also got it to support a Bluetooth chat interface that can be used to both have conversations and manipulate the frequencies.

How we built it

We integrated different components together using an Arduino and breadboard. We connected parts we found useful to make it portable, such as by making it battery controlled with a switch and adding a Bluetooth module.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was learning how to use an Arduino for the first time. We also ran into challenges with the Bluetooth modem, such as being unable to open Serial port emulators in Matlab. Another challenge was a lack of parts, including a barrel connector and 9V battery connector, so we improvised using electrical tape and zip ties, and chose our accelerometer sensor out of those that were made available to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hardware hack and we were able to play around with different sensors and Arduino features.

What we learned

Most of what we implemented was new to us, including Arduino, the various sensors, and the Bluetooth modem.

What's next for Accelduino

We want to add a machine learning component to Accelduino for detecting whether a person is, say, standing, walking, or running, falling, or jumping and then trigger a response accordingly. Since the accelerometer is extremely sensitive in all 3 spatial dimensions, we should be able to detect various actions of a wearer. We also want to add other sensors, which can expand our design space and allow us to implement new functions.

Built With

  • arduino
  • base-shield
  • battery
  • bluetooth-modem
  • breadboard
  • electrical-tape
  • resistors
  • solder
  • speaker
  • switch
  • wires
  • zip-ties
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