The AccDC API is a free development resource for international businesses, organizations, and academic institutions wishing to study and incorporate Accessible Innovation within future web technologies.

"Accessible Innovation" refers to the creation of new technologies that include Accessibility as a core platform feature of development.

AccDC is a scalable, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible Dynamic Content Management System that automates the rendering of dynamic content to ensure accessibility for screen reader and keyboard only users.

AccDC functions as a rendering engine, which acts as a conduit for the accessible processing of dynamic content.

Developers can now build fully functional, scalable, feature rich, accessible user interface components that are encapsulated as AccDC Objects, which can then be freely distributed to empower the creation of fully accessible controls, widgets, features, and applications within all future web technologies.

The WhatSock Template Downloads are provided as customizable functionality templates that can be easily adapted to fit the design and implementation requirements of any application, and are fully accessible for screen reader and keyboard only users.

AccDC can be used within mobile browsers such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for cross platform compatibility, and can also be used within the web browser components of desktop applications for enterprise distribution.

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