One of the main drivers behind poor investing and saving decisions is the lack of proper financial understanding within consumers. To improve communities and the economy as a whole, proper financial literacy should be promoted to the general public. This was the inspiration of ACC Quest; a game that strives to improve the financial knowledge of the player through realistic accounting simulations.

What it does

ACC Quest is a role-playing game set in a medieval setting and based upon real accounting applications. The story follows an accountant that has been recently hired at the King’s Castle. The game that allows the player to improve upon their financial literacy by managing the day-to-day business operations within the Castle.

How I built it

Our team used Unreal Engine to create the environment and the mechanics of the game. The backend is developed on C++ and Python. The clients of the Castle are generated using TD’s Da Vinci API and customized to fit the medieval theme. The FreshBooks API allows for accurate accounting procedures, client invoicing, expense management, and other useful tools to manage assets within the game. GCP allowed us to implement cloud solutions to use the FreshBooks API and transfer data

Challenges I ran into

Using Unreal Engine was a challenge for our team as we had minimal previous 3D game development experience. While we were able to develop the backend with languages we were already familiar with, the process of implementing the code within the game engine itself was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The biggest accomplishment of the team was being able to effectively use Unreal ENgine and integrate the proper APIs to fit the needs of the gameplay.

What I learned

The most important skill that our team learned was working with Unreal Engine which is a powerful tool for making immersive games for various platforms. This will be valuable not only for this project but also for potential future ventures. We also developed our time management skills to ensure that the project was completed in an effective way so that each team member is assigned to a task that could be done in a timely manner.

What's next for ACC Quest

The next steps for ACC Quest would be to improve the graphical elements and implement new features and levels to further improve the storyline and educational aspect of the game.

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