My friend who was from non-CS background asked me for help to align an element in his resume one day and after having a glance at his resume I found there were a lot of other things misplaced. The truth is design is hard and not everybody (even people from the Computer Science community) understand design. This counts to the reason that people really find it hard to make academic resumes and there are no online tools available to make resumes which follows the University's recommended format. This project aims to bring an easy UI/UX experience to make your University resumes specially for people who don't understand how to make perfectly aligned beautiful resumes.

What it does

Simply it gives you a resume which you can edit it all to make it your own and then save it as PDF.

How I built it

Most of the project depends on CSS, with minor use of Jquery at places and for the landing page, I used Bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

Earlier I planned to use React but the client-side rendering was going to be costly as later I am planning to add as many colleges/university templates into these projects as possible. Loading templates of all the resumes just to use a single template was going to be overkill thus I used old school combination of CSS + Jquery + HTML and it did the job quite well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Attended my first Hackathon
  • and completed my project too
  • I hope that everybody (like my friend mentioned above) gets to use it to make their resume while not worrying about formatting and focussing on the resume content

What I learned

  • Hackathon Experience was really unforgettable and gave me a whole lot new perspective

What's next for Acaresume

  • Adding more and more colleges and university templates (I'm planning to cold email students to invite them to make a PR to add a resume for their college)
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