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Is college just about academics?
Or is it about co-curricular activities only?
What if we had a tool that could help us find the balance between both?


  • Project Manager : Manage your ongoing projects with real time monitoring.

    • Create / edit projects
    • Time your work
    • Set milestones and conquer them.
    • Stay motivated through post work retrospection.
    • Take breaks with our entertainment suggestions

  • Grade Aid : Set your target and achieve it through continuous effort. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

    • Provide a target CGPA in X semesters.
    • Get a detailed report on the minimum requirement per semester to reach the target.
    • Update CGPA after each semester to get a revised plan of action.


Accessing the code:

  • Clone the git repository:

    > git clone
  • Move into the local repository:

    > cd acadivity

Getting started with developement

  • Download the dependencies:

    > npm install
  • Start the developement server:

    > npm start


  • Add a .env file with MONGODB_URL= <your_mongodb_link> and SESSION_SECRET = secret to run the back-end server on your own database.

  • Front-end React server listens to PORT:3000 and back-end server listens to PORT:5000

Happy Hacking!

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (POD-1.1.3):

Ajitesh Panda


Rohan Rout


Shambhavi Aggarwal


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Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004

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