I struggle a lot with concentrating on academic tasks. Because of this, I decided to make an application that can be used to self-reflect after a day of work. If I did poorly, I could note this down and have it save for later, so I can reflect on my errors.

Essentially, Academify has two main functionalities: productivity tracking and note taking. In study session tracking, a student can reflect on their day and note what they ate, how much work they completed, what subjects they worked on, and the exercise they partook in. The note-taking section is self-explanatory. The student can write down their thoughts and keep them in this application!

I built Academify using React Native. I am new to React Native, so I had some challenges with getting used to the language and its usage. However, I am proud of what I have completed. I am especially pleased with the smooth navigation within the application, something I feared I'd have much more trouble with.

I would like to elevate Academify to the next level. For one, I want to be able to link this to a database where it prints the results in plain-text in a folder for later viewing by the user. I want to perhaps integrate some sort of chat/forum for public accountability. I can take this to so many places!

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