Academic master is educational purpose app Features:-

1) user can post real time post like images and video.

2) We will provide notes,books and previous year paper according to their stream

3) User can chat with each other .

4) User will recive real time push notification like in whats'up

5) User can share pdf file and images in chat section also he can post any blog related to his field.

6) Dark and light mode

7) user can also follow other students to see their activity.

8) You can join membership of Academic master by using any online payment method Razorpay Pyment is implimented here.

9) User will recive real time notification related to his stream

!0) Firebase admob is enabled

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Screenshot_20201124-050210 Screenshot_20201124-045921 Screenshot_20201124-050451 Screenshot_20201124-050444 Screenshot_20201122-163205

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1 Clone this repository.

2) ADD Your app through Firebase.

3) Add your own App id.

4) ADD Your key and password

5) Run Command flutter pub get

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