This is David Hopkins from the School project. It strikes me at this late hour (while the Mapsmap Challenge draws to a close) and having read the recent exhortation to submit projects "even if only addressing a single element of the challenge" that the Academia system that School uses perhaps doesn't receive as much attention as it could in my existing submission.

Academia is a system of decentralized identity verification, which is a critical and necessary precursor to crowd capital allocation being successful. Without it, such an application is doomed to failure. This is something that the School submission does go into - and provides links for finding out more.

However, given that the Academia protocol was itself created during the timeframe of the Mapsmap Challenge, is released under an MIT open source license and is very earnestly looking for funding, it may well also be considered a standalone entry.

So, that being the case, and rather than hastily tinkering with the existing School submission, kindly allow me to highlight Academia for consideration, presented by the same people who presented School, and without which crowd capital allocation's issuance of prizes will be wildly unreliable, increasingly corrupt and - in the era of cryptocurrency - ultimately lead to either tyranny or anarchy.

Built With

  • arweave
  • binance
  • dogecoin
  • engish
  • ethereum
  • smart-contract
  • zksnark
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