Our Inspiration

Quality education has always been a serious problem. In the past, the main barriers to equitable education have been economic reasons, but in recent years, scholarships and grants have removed many financial problems; yet, quality education still remains a problem. Currently, the last hurdle for many of the underprivileged is simply the lack of widespread outreach from academic events and programs.

What it does

Academia Central is a third party, non-profit organization that facilitates academic programs’ outreach. The events on Academia central are organized by students or sponsors, designed for other students to learn, have fun, and compete. On the website, students can browse a list of events and search for specific tags such as stem events, summer camps, or competitions. Event organizers are able to fill out a form and add their own event to the website. Each event is added to the list of events and also given their own page, displaying all the information that students need to know about it in addition to the event’s main website in case of any questions

How we built it

The website was built with Reactjs, using the Nextjs framework. We used firebase’s Realtime Database to store user information and Tailwindcss for styling.

Challenges we ran into

This was one of my first times using javascript and it was Reactjs. - Jonathan

I didn't have much experience with firebase, so it was difficult to figure out authentication and how to store all the images and retrieve them. Through working on this project, I was able to learn how to work with firebase. - Maggie

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I’m proud of creating a project that will definitely be beneficial to both event organizers and students looking for new events and resources. - Maggie

Despite being completely new to this, I was able to still contribute to the code actively in addition to creating the wireframe to the website in order to implement a solution to a problem in the life of every student. - Jonathan

What we learned

By creating Academia Central, we learned a lot about working with Reactjs and Firebase. We also learned the importance of time management, and how it’s necessary to make a plan that’s possible to finish.

What's next for Academia Central

To further improve Academia Central, our team will expand the profile page to save topics that each user is interested in. With this information, the website will be able to suggest events that a user is interested in, even before a user starts searching for them. Furthermore, we will add a system where sponsors can sign up to potentially offer their sponsorship to various events. Based on the tags that an event organizer adds when submitting their event, sponsors and the sponsors’ contact info will be suggested, which will make it easier for organizers to find sponsors to support their event.

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