• Housing is one the largest crisis' in America. Bridging the gap where we show homeowners potential earnings they otherwise were unaware of.

What it does

  • Shows homeowners an accurate estimate of what an additional unit or tiny home that is verified to fit in your backyard can earn

How we built it

  • 1) Given an address, we fetch high res aerial imagery of the property
  • 2) We fetch property boundaries for that address as georeferenced data, and use computer vision models (semantic segmentation) to see where the roof is in the property. We need to project the pixel space prediction to the georeferanced space. We deploy these models to AWS EC2 with FastAPI and PyTorch on Nvidia K80 GPUs.
  • 3) In the open area, we fit a best fit rectangle to the open area (Non house area that is within the property boundaries
  • 4) Using AIRDNA api we get realtime estimates for studio, 1bed, 2bed, 3bed homes for specific neighborhoods
  • 5) We have an accurate-ish estimate of how much money you can make with almost no human work!

Challenges we ran into

  • Optimizing Computer vision models for deployment on AWS
  • Projecting geo data (property lines) to pixel space (which the model predicts in)
    • Involves complicated estimations of meters per pixel using latitude of address (Web Mercator projection)
    • Rasterizing geojson property boundary data
  • Algorithm for a best fit rectangle

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Eliminating a barrier to entry for building more housing!
  • Minimizing the analysis barrier for determining if you should consider building an additional unit
  • Many cities have complex zoning laws. If people were aware of the potential incentives ($$$) they would be more inclined to have zoning reform in high value areas!
  • How large of an undertaking this project is, given it has never been done before
  • How large the real world business value is (looking at you NFT bros)

What we learned

- How to provide a real application that makes an incremental tool that helps ease the housing crisis

What's next for Abut

  • Modularizing Tiny Homes, bringing the complexities of onsite fabrication to a factory
  • Vertically integrating: Selling to buyers, Deploying as AirBnB's in high value areas (ration of rental price:land price),

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