Build a market-place that does not exist because it is hard to imagine until it is born!!

Abundance DAO is a block-chain based digital cooperative marketplace that does not exist today. Why? Because the default belief system within the advisor community is one of competition, with peers as well as with robo advisors. Imagine what new value could be created if advisors were to come together?

What it does

Abundance DAO is a marketplace that offers invite-only membership for wealth advisors, a matching service connecting advisors to new wealth demographic segments such as minority elite affluent or HNWIs. It also offers the ability to discover other advisors who are willing to partner to co-create unique offerings for untapped segments, submit and vote on proposals backed by block-chain tracked compliance, co-learn from shared data-sets, models and research, so as to benefit mutually and earn royalty from co-partnered creations.

How we built it

  • Step 1: Product & User Research :
    We started with the discovery of advisor-psychology about when & on what they would co-operate versus on what they would not want to cooperate. Using the interviews, we tried to understand their preferences & ideologies based on stage of their business practise. We researched behavioral response differences of Early-stage Advisors versus Established Advisors to an incentive mechanism. We soft-tested our observations using "what if" questions on domain experts as we honed in on our product vision.

3 - Individual Advisor Interviews | 3 - Advisor Firm Level Interviews | 6-10+ - Domain Experts

  • Step 2: Pitch Creation : We used story-baording to create input to the UX of the product as well as video pitch. Once the pitch was ready, the whole team regrouped to apply research data + pitch to form our MVP feature-list.

  • Step 3: FrontEnd Development : The tech team started exploring capabilities of various DAO platforms like Aragon, Colony and DAOHaus, and the inbuilt APIs offered by each of them to understand which one would best suit our needs.

  • Step 4: BackEnd Development : Using Solidity, the tech team worked to build prototype smart contracts and APIs we deemed to be necessary for the product.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Since the team members had varied knowledge levels of the advisor domain as well as DAO space, we conducted daily briefings and knowledge building assignments like listening to podcasts, youtube videos and reading articles.
  2. Nailing down the pitch & building the video with team members with different creative styles.
  3. Created DAOs on multiple platforms (Aragon & Colony) but faced technical difficulties deploying Smart contracts and customizing DAO experience to fit product needs.
  4. Managing daily work-loads & scheduling with team members located in Austin and Charlotte timezones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Taking a dormant "what if" idea lying in an internal email & bringing it into life.
  2. Finishing and submitting a product that represents collective team pride & labor of everyone's hard work.
  3. Learning marathon for team to explore unfamiliar spaces individually and make meaningful contributions to the project.

What we learned

  1. Pitch making, turning it into video, working with folks of different background & differing work/life experiences.
  2. Advisor mindsets and responses.
  3. DAO tech : when and how it is used.
  4. Incentive Engineering and some basics of tokenomics.

What's next for AbundanceDAO

  1. Win the Hackathon.
  2. Take this idea to next level.

Built With

  • aragon
  • colony
  • figma
  • imovie
  • justinmind
  • keynote
  • miro
  • remix
  • solidity
  • storyboardthat
  • webex
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