After doing a lot of brainstroming we came to this idea. The main motive of the project is to help the artist inside you to get curious and get your art outside on paper :). And whats better to see how your artwork would sound when converted into sweet tunes and jingles (ps- that was a bug too) . We have seen many art museums but have you seen the bug museums? Yes! We have a virtual museum for the greatest bugs we observed till now.

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️What it does

Everyone has an artists in themselves. With this project we are trying to encourage the artist within you with a touch of technology. The project starts with a small puzzle for increasing your excitement, find out the first ever bug in the history of computer. Once you clear it you enter a virtual bug-y museum where we display the biggest bugs which made us all surprised and after you exit, you enter music art-room, where you can upload your artwork and we will generate a music for you musical_note two_hearts

The project is divided to celebrate art in 3 forms

  • Pretty Past: Find the moth which gave the name BUG to computer science
  • Pleasant Present: See what bugs broke the internet, rockets and your computers
  • Future For Sure: Create your own music from any Art!

🛠 How we built it

We built it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and GitHub. We tried all the features of GitHub which helped us manage our team and project.

💪 Challenges we ran into

As the project had lot of graphics and events we had to spend a lot of time to that. We struggled with time management but overcame it with great teamwork

🥇 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we had a lot of fun in the hackathon (Much more than we expected)

👩‍🏫 What we learned

We learned newer concepts related to the javascript framework and BUGS - ARTISTIC BUGS!

⏭ What's next for artsy-bugsy

We are planning to build a feature that would help you tell your personality features by analysing your arts.

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