Data privacy is of very importance to us. We don't want others tracking us what we do every time we click on a link (Psst .. Google). What if we could preview what the content of the link is about before we make the decision to actually click on it?

What it does

Hover over a link and you will get a small snippet of what the link is about. Clicking on the notification will display more information.

How I built it

Using a Chrome extension as the frontend and Flask at the backend, we grabbed the url of the link and using PyTeaser to summarize the contents of the link.

Challenges I ran into

Using chrome extension notifications in the content script, when it is only allowed in background script.

jQuery not working properly in the extension.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to get a basic MVP.

What I learned

Using a backend to receive the AJAX GET request and sending back a response.

What's next for abstract

Add pictures to the notification and make it more reliable.

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