Inspiration : as per now a days we all are surrounded only and only by forest of concrete. There's not so empty space available for plantation by seeing this problem there is one idea click in my brain, why not we can turn this concert forest as like real one. I instantly approached to my professor and with collaboration with him finally we done it and got patent of it finally mega success in our invention. Finally we made one innovative concrete polymer for absorbing CO2 and majority of greenhouse gases not only this our this material is also 8-10 times stronger than current concrete materialand, and its price is also 75% cheapest rate we can provide to the the society. In our concrete material just by adding water on absorbed CO2 we can make most precious liquid which can act as an anti covid-19. Not only this but carbonic acid act as a super fertilizer for plants

What it does : innovative concrete material absorbing co2 from surrounding atmosphere and convert it to anti viral material were viruses can't survive and die. And also this carbonic acid act as super fertilizer

How I built it : under the guidance of my Prof. Mansinh sir. We also gone through out serval research paper. I presented my idea with him and he help me acting as a mentor, he provided his all knowledge and finally we made it possible.

Challenges I ran into : to reach out at market

As per it's absolutely new innovetion we didn't bring it to anywhere in the market

Accomplishments that I'm proud of finally we get megha Succees and we will be able to help globally with our innovetion.

Our innovative not only can helpful for covid-19 but also having remarkable impact on environment.

What I learned : problem solving skills, how to give fight against challenge, how to constantly work on project. This practice also tough how to work in team

What's next for Absorb co2 of city and convert into 24*7 spread sanitizer : this sensitizer is preparing continuously so that in future not only covid-19 but also e coli kind of bacteria and other harmful germs will be destroying automatically. we will like to help globally by delivering our innovetion.

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