We drew inspiration from taking classes where teachers interrupt a lesson to take attendance. Taking time for attendance, takes away valuable time from the class putting more stress on the professor and a disservice to the students. With our product we offer a simple solution which a school can implement with existing databases.

What it does

Our product utilizes both a website and app version to give multiple options for students who may have different web capable devices. The Teacher logins using their login, selects class, and hits start. He then can continue with the lesson until he desires to stop with 1 click. Students have during that period to check-in using either phone, tablet, or website. Students have the same easy interface login, select class, and check-in. On successful input they receive a message back saying they were successful. Students are also have the ability to check when there attendance for the semester for each class.

How We built it

Using Ionic we are able to create a portable app that works with all major forms of phones/tablets. We then use html/javascript for the website version allowing all web devices the ability to connect. MongoDB is used for the back-end implementing the databases holding class, student, and instructor data. Angular.js and Node.js is used for communication between app/website and database

Challenges we ran into

Learning knew api with ionic and how to connect everything to a database are new to the group. By splitting each section between members creates chunks that we each can focus on lessening the load.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning more javascript and implementing api.

What's next for Absent Attender

Finishing the hackathon with a base we can be happy with and allows for further development to a full fledged product if desired.

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