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What it does

The idea behind our project is to use Gamefication on top of AbsenceBot and so that increase personal and also company commitments using a fun approach.

How we built it

AbsenceBot is an internal KI labs tool, already in production, that facilitates its Employees to register Absence events. So based on its logs, we decide to create "milestones" that once reached can "unlock" Badges. This feature offers different levels of challenges, so it does not only requires individual, but also some team-level efforts to get all of them unlocked.

Challenges we ran into

  • Time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Create 11 different Badges
  • Include some cool Easter Eggs
  • Create a new feature called "Calendar"
  • The opportunity to work with different people

What we learned

  • That a BE Engineer and a PM can achieve some nice things together :)
  • That is good to have a team with complementary skills.
  • We had the opportunity to explore more features from Slack API.
  • To understand how a Hackathon works

What's next for AbsenceBot Gamefication

  • Full implementation of all 11 Badges we have in our Backlog.
  • Continue to create new Badges
  • To add more Easter eggs
  • Implement a Leaderboard system (?)
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