During these challenging times of the global pandemic, Students face a lot of problems as they are limited to just online classes.In an online class of 200 students , each student does not get the attention that he or she requires.So a lot of their doubts and problems remain unanswered and they are unable to properly learn. Another Problem faced by them is that in this online format , they tend to procastinate a lot and keep all their tasks till the last time including their lessons, assignments etc which tend to hamper their actual productivity and also their grades. So they need a medium to help prepare in the last crucial moments or atleast revise before their tests.

What it does

β€œABRIDGE” aims to provide solutions to all the above mentioned problems.

A)We provide an easy interface where students can either provide an image of their books or notes, links to pages of interests or can directly provide an paragraph and our program will provide an summary of the text (with the option of the length of the summary) which will highly benefit them for reading and last minute revision.The text is extracted using the pytessearct and opencv module.

B)Based on the images or links or paragraphs provided by the user, we provide them with a quiz generated using transformers upon the topic given in the texts provided by them and they can have their quiz for practice.

This webapp will surely help the student undestand the concepts in nutshell and have them enough practice out of it.

How I built it

  • Python Base Programming Language
  • OpenCv and Pytesseract for OCR implementation
  • BeautifulSoup4 as a text parser
  • NLTK for text summarization
  • Transformer Networks for Q/A Generation
  • HTML,CSS for frontend and flask for backend

Challenges I ran into

We faced problems while deploying the model streamlit webapp but were successful, however couldnt deploy on heroku due to exceeding size limit. We first time used transformers for question answer generation. Due to limited RAM and large size of model, our laptop used to crash which was one of the main hurdles we faced.

Built With

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