For the Idea its simple We have a big number of tourist visiting Algeria in a different season But also in different quest That quest to see and share places all around Algeria


Our team in that event And representing the Founder Family We have for Dev part El Amine For Data input and graphical design Rahma Hanachi For Legal and contacts Babi Abd el mouiz And finally for the cultural contact and community management Sid Salah Eddine


Tourism is yes a big industry And by big, we mean that 1000 or maybe let's make it millions of people are entering Algeria and visiting beautiful places all around the year Those places are unknown to most of the population And by population, we mean those responsible tourists who make the choice to discover the worlds and his Gems

A tourist who enters a city will know only some of the historical monuments of the place Some of the common places Yeah that’s awesome But the most beautiful one is Hidden Because beauty is hidden in the dark

And also because those tourists got a bad following for everything related To activity scheduling To the hosting with locals or hotels Or even to find a guide who can make their experience great


Our solution and for it start gonna be focusing the big Wargren ( the region of Ouargla ) And gonna be working on that Call it a game Or call it a Map of treasures

Yes because we gonna be creating a map who is able to share with the user places and also make the visit interactive

By using such technology as AR and image analyzing We aim to make the experience of visiting every single place more than a routine walk

Stay tuned you gonna understand more


So first you have to log into a platform Submit your application to open an account And select the subscription you wanna

Nothing tremendous till here!

But if we said that You could

In the first pack : Get the contacts of locals or potential hosts of the area And get an animated map of locations he can visit in the area

In the second pack : In addition to the first pack, you can get to know about activities in the area that makes your visit more human and more contacts with tourist visiting Or even locals sharing

The third pack here is the game-changing : We gonna be offering the tourist to add locations not available on the map But also to be in that community of the platform That makes them able to Enjoy all the pieces of information shared in The discounts information from hotels But most importantly, a VIP pass to most of the event and GOLD host of the area

After that, you have an animated map that allows you to go around with your phone With voice command or even hand hold Once you reach a point You gonna be discovering that place with animations Information But also that great technology of AR That makes us able to share information and more information with the user And allow them even to personalize the place or add a TAG Yeah, stop writing on the walls guys!


Let's talk technical now And also more about that technology of image recognition that we are holding in our pockets!

Yes all the components or tools to use are a smartphone connected to the internet To check update and download any maps with all the information in

We chose to go for a simple map but not that simple

So we chose to set an image recognition for some point on the map and also add a GIS analyst who makes the use of the map easier (how all that ? )

Using a technology of AR This feature uses GPS to estimate the absolute position of the user and Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to track their local movement. We smoothly integrate GPS and VIO throughout the entire experience by building on the ARCL library, which uses Apple’s ARKit for VIO and Core Location for GPS.

The enhanced map content his side Allows to add and edit information

This technology uses an analyzing of the area And makes a database of the points and pins added to a map that at the end forms an animated MAP with AR

This is the new era of Using Data in an animated space


Our main market will be based on tourist to make them discover and use an automated map system

Knowing that 2,1M tourists visited Algeria in 2017 Where in 2013 they were 2,7M

That big amount of tourist is quite big yes But is also decreasing because we are not innovating in that

The average spend of a foreign tourist in Algeria is around 60$ day For a duration going from 10 to 15 days

An average foreign tourist spends 600$ to visit

When Algerian families and citizens on the peak seasons spend their side what equals to 50$ day For a duration going from a week to 10 days

Yes that’s a big market that people forget to mention And by this its millions going away

With more than 1.7 million USD lost every year The Algerian Sahara is one of the biggest attraction of this market

And with more than 3670 travel Agency in the region of Algiers But also 1189 Agencies in Ouargla

our services gonna be sold on a pack

1st: Free 2nd: 10$ 3rd: 20$

With a starting price equaling to what a tourist normally spends for a simple internet subscription

We don’t make a profit from that only Since the agencies gonna have a subscription also to our services So. They can promote them on their side And have some extra visibility by organized activities and also hosting an opportunity for clients

So they can be featured and get more tourists too


the monthly subscription is estimated to around 200 users for a premium And that’s the number of tourists who travels normally around the city of Ouargla Looking for good plans and meet locals Iyyed negherna had made that study from 2015 to 2017 referring to tourism in the area

So for an average premium : 200x20$ = 4000$ / month For a 3 months 12000$ / 3 months

For our first year with promotions and collabs, we aiming to reach the 40000$ / year of investment return


for the development part, we gonna be having an application that allows you to First, open an account and share the information you wanna share as name, age, location and allows you too be listed as a local guide In your location or a meetup point

we gonna be using a GIS based on personalized maps Where on a front layer we gonna have the pins of locations and also a second layer that gonna be displaying the animation on the AR section of the map

For the Dev Tools and languages, the specialist gonna be working on an app easy to use since most of the users are not a profesional of the Tech use But also simple interface and allows most important map download for the offline use

that's gonna be as a start to the display

And here comes the strategy to spread the word around We gonna be using our partners in cities we wanna work To start gaining a community that gonna start use the app and make it Viral (why not)

After the first year, we gonna update the version of the app to something more open to editing But also open more features As to driving partners

Abrid is the new way of responsible tourism And maybe more


The conclusion to all this We gonna be able to travel and discover with a new tool But not only this We gonna be able to push that level of tourism to another level With more tourist travelling and discovering than usual And also that satisfaction of us helping for that To teach Algerians and others from all around the world how to travel

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