Hi everyone! I got deeply moved by the suicide of a nurse in Italy. I feel the load healthcare workers are bearing is more than a human being could stand. As much as they’d love to save everyone the lack of resources because of exponential increase of cases and issues in the health systems make them take the difficult decision of who to help to live and who is left to die. As a Christian I’ve been praying for them, but I wanted to make them feel I was there with them, not in flesh but in spirit. I wanted to share the pain and give comfort because as human I feel small in this, but as Christian I feel small in the hands of a powerful God. Then, in the Hackathon I met amazing people from the US, the UK, India, Germany and Bolivia with the same vision as me. Peter said “We want to share hope because we have hope”. The original vision was to make an application to connect specifically doctors/nurses/health workers with mature christians or therapists that can support them in these times of distress. Sometimes you just need to be listened or someone with whom to share your grief.

Presentation about Hug of The soul project:

This is a link about that story:

What it does

Creates a channel of Communication between health workers in distress with a mature christian/therapists or community to give them emotional/spiritual support. The emotional support is through: sharing positive content like videos about "Gratitude towards Doctors", "Kindness: helping each other during crisis", "Miracles", and "Unity". For the explanations below we will give as example of health worker to 'doctors'. The features would be as follows:

  • List of helpers that could be filtered by language or country and available schedule. Also by stars. *As a Doctor I have a source of positive news that bring me positive vibes and relax me and give me hope thought "Hug TV"
  • As doctor, I can search for a help using the filters.
  • As a doctor, I can use "find best match" option, which would automatically connect with the best match in helpers considering: same country as doctor, same language, preference to be Christian/not Christian, available schedule, and highest star rating. *As doctor I can review a helper giving stars. *As supporter I can create video content to share with doctors" *As supporter I can register to give personal support to doctors *As supporter I can connect through hospitals using their wall

How I built it

Implementation is a website that works for desktop and would work for mobile. Doctors use more their cellphones but users locked down in houses use more desktops or laptops.

Challenges I ran into

Development: What went well? Willingness of team members to help one another despite time zone differences (EST, BST, CEST). Peter coordinating dev work that needs to be done across different time zones while gathering requirements from UX. Jermaine joining the team. His expertise in React and styling helped the team. Using GitHub pages to host frontend. Mattias was able to get backend working on Heroku with HTTPS very quickly. Design decision to use YouTube playlists to store curated positive videos instead of searching for positive content. All members of the team learned how to use new frameworks and tools. Development: What could be improved? Better communication regarding frontend design. Thinking about deployment before developing web applications. Don’t use AWS Elastic Beanstalk for hackathons. Wasn’t easy to set up redirect http to https on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Utilizing YouTube API such that we don’t get throttled due to exceeding request limits. Reconsider if backend is really necessary to prove concept. Regarding usage: the app would not try to convert doctors, only trying to give unconditional support like a good old friend would do, picking up their calls wherever they need to be listened to, offer prayer when they feel weak or they are going through a difficult case, or having the incredibly difficult decision of choosing who to save. This could eventually expand to speak with patients also, even minister them before they die...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We could achieve a working prototype of the "Hug TV"

What I learned

Research on calming through colors for the app palette. Learning new tools for devOps and API from youtube

What's next for abrazo del alma

*To be implemented fully *Connect with Christian communities and Therapists of Spain and USA, where there is immense need due to the exponential cases and health system crash.

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