I created the Above The Fold, after the 2016 Presidential Elections when I realized that social media had become my primary source of current event news. Without realizing it, I was trapped inside my own echo chamber promoting articles that reinforced my own personal views. I felt that by normalizing articles across both conservative and liberal news sources I would become a better-informed reader.

What it does

Above the Fold aggregates the top news displayed on the homepages on over 20 news outlets. The site was built around the premise that the homepage of each news outlet represents what each editorial team deems is the most important story at any particular moment. By providing a cross-sectional view across multiple news outlets, we put all the current news at your fingertips without any filters or bias.

Challenges we ran into

Maintaining this side project for the last four years have been fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's nice to build something that people find useful. It's been four years since the initial launch and has since grown a following of loyal users.

What's next for Above the Fold API

The plan is to keep this service free and give it back to the community.

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