COVID19 has definitely revolutionised our lives. With families and friends living in different parts of the world and keeping in touch virtually, group entertainment is something which is lacking. Human beings are social animas and were never meant to stay in one place for so long. I spend a lot of time on Netflix scrolling through their offerings, and I thought - how can I connect with other people who have the same tastes as me? How can me and my friends watch movies together? Abode is an attempt to solve a problem which I'm sure millions around the world are currently facing.

What it does

Abode is a platform containing a curated set of movies and TV Series which are female and LGBTQIA friendly. The objective is to educate people and ensure people empathise and are sensitive to others. We wish to build a community of people who watch empowering content together and empower each other. It is a website where users can connect with family and friends and schedule watch parties. They can save quotes and scenes from movies they like. The can enter groups specific for each show they watch and have discussions on the different channels. Abode also allows users to search for content based on their interests.

How we built it

I first did pen-paper prototyping and then built it on Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

The ideation and wireframing was what took the most time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a prototype ready in the given timeframe was a huge task, but I am super proud for having accomplished it.

What we learned

On researching, I realised the magnitude of bias in existing movies and shows against females and the LGBTQIA community. There aren't many movies with empowering content. In the future, I can envision Abode as a platform which also supports producers of such content.

What's next for Abode

I need to design a better UI. I would like to build my html/css skills so I can design a fully functional website. More research and deepdive needs to be done for content curation. A Machine Learning model will need to be developed to connect people on the platform based on their interests and activities.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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