Commit to change your life for the better! it's no secret that due to recent events, many of us been struggling with developing negative habits. We leverage a known psychological effect called "Loss aversion" to create a driving force for developing positive habits

What it does

1. Pick a challenge you'd like to participate in - the challenges are hand-picked to help with common issues you might be struggling with such as improving your writing skills, smoking, "social media" rehab

2. lock your "ℏaBits" tokens - "ℏaBits" are special tokens (similar to HBAR) that will be locked in a smart contract until you successfully complete the challenge.

3. It's "Fight or Flight!" - you either complete the challenge, or your fund will be sent to your favorite NGO.

How we built it

MyHabitsWallet is a proof of concept.

there are several elements that are combined in the projects

  • frontend - a React-based admin dashboard
  • firebase - to store authenticated users and their challenges
  • cloud functions - to work against the hedera hashgraph network
  • scheduled functions - functions that act as an "oracle" on the challenge expiration date

more details are on the github page

Challenges we ran into

One of our main challenges was implementing an "event system" that can quickly react to the transaction happening on the hashgraph. we chose BitGo's custodial wallet. since it can store HTS , HBAR and also has an event API, it looked like a promising candidate. While working on testing BitGo on Hedera TESTNET, we've stumbled upon a private key creation issue (a Github issue was reported here) and had to develop the solution from scratch.

What we learned

I've experimented with many of Hedera's features such as Files, Messages, and of course HTS (Token Service)

What's next for ℏabits

the platform is designed to integrate more exciting challenges and can be easily expended with mobile so users can participate in advanced challenges (for example scanning a QR code in a specific location)

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