All the bad product images from private sellers on selling platforms like ebay or Amazon

What it does

Sellers upload a 3D model of their product which can be placed into any environment via AR. Our hardware is a device that lets users attach their phone onto our device and takes photos from different angles. Using two motors, the phone is moved up and down the Y-axis while the second motor moves the camera around the x and z-axis. Our IOS app takes a stream of photos that are then passed into our neural network that rates all the photos taken. We hope our rating will give users insight on which photos look the best.

We even have financial components that tie in stocks and bank tracking via Goldman Sach's and Capital One's API. Our idea was to hopefully give sellers insight on how the market place is doing so they can have more informed insight on how to best sell their product. For the Capital One API we tracked transactions going into our seller's "corporate bank account" which will hopefully provide insight on if the cost and time is worth it for the profit made and the frequency of profit.

All of this to take our sellers from basic to not basic.

How we built it

We used a convolutional neural net trained off of vgg16 network on AWS SageMaker using PyTorch classified off of the AVA database to define what a "good" picture is from a scale from one to ten. We used Swift to build an aesthetic app and javascript to build an aesthetic chrome extension. We used a lot of cardboard and duct tape to build our automated picture taker.

Challenges we ran into

Sagemaker was very slow. Cardboard is very fragile. No sleep and too much caffeine takes it toll

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to experiment with a lot of different technologies that somehow all loosely connected.

What we learned

Too much tech, not enough DevPost submissions. Originally our team worked on different components of our now combined projects, but it would have been nice to be allowed to be in the same team of colleagues and submit prototypes of different projects.

What's next for abg

More motors and more camera angles. Have our loosely connected components be more connected. Financial services will be better connected to our main product.

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