Here is an exact account of my friend when she tries to get home from a subway station. "The journey from the subway station to my house takes approximately 10 minutes on foot. I started walking along the main street but had to turn into a small alley. Suddenly, I spotted a man lurking under the shadow of a tree. Feeling frightened, I quickly walked past him. To my horror, the man began to follow me. I was terrified as it was already late at night and I was all by myself. I started running towards my home, and I will never forget that night."

What it does

Our application offers a network of protection for anyone who might find themselves in danger. This is particularly crucial for the well-being of many women, who are often the primary victims and have limited means of defending themselves in such circumstances. The map functions like any other map application, providing directions. However, it has several features that cater specifically to women's safety, such as locating the nearest family room or women-friendly facilities. In the walking navigation mode, additional upgrades have been made. For example, walking navigation takes into account local crime data and frequency to determine the safest route to the destination. If the user is a woman, the algorithm will also consider crimes specifically related to women. It includes features such as calling the police/emergency contact in one click, reporting suspicious activities ad warning other users

Moreover, what sets our application apart from other map applications available is its ability to form a safety net for all users without compromising privacy. It utilizes the concept of blockchain and everyone who joins this network is a node. Users can send encrypted, ranged location data only to nearby users. In the event of an emergency, every node can act as a beacon to relay information. As a result, there will be no centralized database that causes any privacy issues. In an emergency, the user will report the level of threat. In the event of maximum threat, other users around the victim will choose if they see the threat or not. This will help to plot an area that notifies everyone nearby to avoid.

How we built it

We build with React using Google Map API. The API allows us to locate the user's current location using Navigator. Geolocation database. We use directions rendered to plot the optimum route from point a to point be. Moreover, we import criminal activity data to plot a heat map layer to warn users against potentially dangerous areas.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult challenge we encounter is the Google Not Found error. We spend a lot of time debugging it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created a remarkable React JS map application for women's safety that we can be proud of. By utilizing government crime data, we have created a heatmap of crime reports that provides women with important information about the safety of their surroundings. We have also implemented a feature that allows users to report potential crimes, notify surrounding people, or call the police with just one click, enhancing the safety of women and empowering them to be more aware of their surroundings. Our application addresses a pressing social issue and showcases our commitment to making a positive impact in society. Finally, the successful development and launch of a functional and useful application is an achievement in its own right, demonstrating our technical skills and ability to bring a project to completion.

What we learned

  1. Technical skills: We have honed our skills in React JS, data analysis, and application development.
  2. Problem-solving skills: We have encountered challenges and found creative solutions to overcome them.
  3. Importance of addressing social issues: We have gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of using technology to address pressing social issues.
  4. Teamwork and collaboration: We have learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration in bringing a project to completion.
  5. User-centered design: We have learned about the importance of designing with the end-user in mind and considering their needs and wants.
  6. Project management: We have gained experience in managing a project, including scheduling, budgeting, and prioritizing tasks.

What's next for Project BeaconNetwrork

We will need to look into this blockchain method of implementing a map since it is completely not found on the internet. We need to work on setting each individual phone as a beacon and join this network.

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