What it does

ABC virtual reality is a free-to-use educational mobile application aimed at the younger age groups that range between 5-10 years old. It seeks to transform how younger generations learn and perceive education as they grow up. It has a structured syllabus that ranges from letters, numbers, colors, graphs and a lot more. It is aimed to gamify learning and encouraging the younger generations to pursue careers in STEM.

How I built it:

I designed, modeled, UV unwrapped and textured all the 3D objects in the scene using Blender 3D. I exported the 3D objects from Blender 3D to the Unity 3D game engine and wrote scripts to move and detect motion and provide the VR experience

Challenges I ran into

It was tough but enjoyable to finish everything on time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud to complete my idea to the fullest by taking it from concept design to releasing it to the app store.

What's next for ABC Virtual Reality

And I want to continue working on this project to grow it bigger and structure an entire syllabus that ranges from all kinds of topics

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