Abc Cat is a project made for kids. I made this because I realized how much I struggled in kindergarten. Back then there were no learning websites and I only had myself. Learning is hard, and to teach kids you have to use what they like. This is the inspiration for this project.

What it does

Abc Cat teaches your kid Abc's, 123's, and simple addition and subtraction.

How we built it

I am a beginner at html and css/javascript, so building this was hard. I started by looking up videos on how to photoshop to make the logo. Then I learned more html and css. I even learned some javascripts for a slideshow

Challenges we ran into

Challenges I ran into were not knowing how to fix bugs because I was a beginner at this. I didn't know how to fix misaligned text and image sizes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The 1 thing I am proud of is that I completed a project that I am proud of.

What we learned

I learned a lot of css and some javascript and how to fix bugs

What's next for Abc Cat

I am thinking of making it from preschool to middle school

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