In general, chat-bots limited to keywords and/or buttons. Hence, the process of creating one that can catch every user input is not easy. In this App, I am using Natural Language Processing tool "" to get rid of the keyword limitation. This App is a Node.js Application that can help any beginner create an AI-powered chat-bot in minutes. I built this App to work with most of the Messenger platform features, and allow voice input. I have tried some 3rd party platforms to build a Messenger chat-bot with NLP tools. The process wasn't easy, and there was some limitations. I wasn't able to use most of the Messenger platform features like the Handover Protocol. I created this App to help users use most of the Messenger platform features with for NLP, all in one. Moreover, users can update the experience at any time from a single file while the App is live. This App can help pages on Facebook build a unique experience for their audience in minutes. This will increase the productivity, and provide better support for the audience.

What it does

The tutorial includes a step by step guide to explain how to clone and set up the Application. After installing the App, the user will enter some details and tokens for the Facebook page. The user can add intents, and train the Wit App with utterances from the website. The persistent menu items, messages, and responses for the intents are in a JSON file.

What I learned

Natural Language Processing & AI can turn anything to be more smarter and powerful.

What's next for 123 AI-Chatbot

I created this sample App to be very simple for beginners, and use most of the platform features. In the future, I want to integrate Pay buttons, and other features like One time Notification. The App is open for contributions, and the community can decide the next version.

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