Create a Math Worksheet for a Child of any Age under One Minute. 

Simple to use with our "One-Touch" worksheet creation process - keeps the focus MORE on teaching math and LESS on understanding how to use the app.  

Another valuable feature is the ability to track the student's progress from their completed worksheet.  You can see where their strengths and weaknesses are, and from that progress, you can customize the worksheet to the student's learning level and age.

One more thing…  What makes this app different from any app out there?  It has the ability to take the custom worksheet off the device, into a printable PDF format.  This is great for teachers / parents who want to create supplemental classroom learning activities.  

FEATURES: • Great for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade • Generate custom worksheets for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. • Choose from numeric equation problems or word problems. • Determine the amount of questions per worksheet. • Number ranges are configurable, and specific numbers can be focused on. • Intelligent "wrong answer" generation makes guessing more difficult. • Scratch board for students to work out the problem. • Ability to add time limit or time elapse. • Automatic grading and star ratings. • Track progress and review completed worksheets. • Ability to create pre-made worksheets to be taken later. (i.e. Create a week's worth of worksheets so your child can practice everyday.) • Printable PDFs (along with answer keys)

Video to help explain the game:

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