Survival games, interest in neural nets (though it didn't pan out), and a rough idea of how things might work.

What it does

First-person game where spherical enemy robots move towards the player in order to decrease their health. The player needs to eliminate the robots before they reach him.

How we built it

divide and conquer by each person's skillset and each building one little part

Challenges we ran into

neural network training and programming was difficult enough that we were not able to complete it and had to replace the mechanism with something simpler

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually finished something, albeit less than we wanted, despite 3/4 people being at least somewhat under the weather

What we learned

We learned that we should probably check in with the feasibility of doing something before spending several hours on it, and eventually having to ditch it.

What's next for Abandoneers

We could likely follow up by implementing the enemy brain we had hoped for, and by further smoothing the game, since most of our efforts were focused on the Neural Network instead of other core mechanics.

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