I got the idea by playing a lot of games. Most of them has shops, so I added one too... I thought I could add some potions but ran out of time...

What it does

Its a platformer with a shop and storyline. Also some random math questions to combine the game with learning

How we built it

I used scratch and about 1000 code blocks.

Challenges we ran into

MAJOR and MINOR bugs, LAG, MORE lag.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This might be my best project so FAR. And: Shop = makes project 2 times BETTER!!!

What we learned

That message blocks are VERY USEFUL IN ANIMATIONS! Also that I cant spell " abandoned " correctly...

What's next for Abandoned school ADVENTURE

MAYBE PART 2?!?!? And a few minor updates. AND potions!!!

Built With

  • scratch
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