I encountered homelessness from a very early age. I used to live in India, and whenever we went outside, there would be children begging outside our car windows. Later, I went on the Red Cross club's Socks in the City trip and witnessed the suffering of the homeless even more closely. I was especially affected by a man sitting outside on the ground in the freezing San Francisco air in a tattered jacket, who asked me if it was Christmas when I handed him a blanket. These experiences inspired me to build Aashrya.

👩‍💻What it does

Aashrya allows users to register homeless shelters and donations. It also allows users to find these according to their city. Users can also save shelters to keep track of vacancies.

🔨How we built it

I built Aashrya using a Django framework for the backend. I used Bootstrap for frontend. I coded in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python.

💀Challenges we ran into

Coding Aarshya was fairly easy, but I was a bit sick so doing the voiceover for the video was a little challenging. I also lost track of time and worked on it all night. 😂

😁Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud to finally bring this idea to life because I have wanted to work on this project for a while now.

🔮What's next for Aashrya

I want to expand the app by adding volunteer opportunities and I want to pull shelter data from an API, if possible. I also want to publish Aarshya on Google Play.

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