I've always wanted to have a Portfolio Website of my own as I was sharing my works as a graphic designer and a video editor as Youtube/Vimeo links or as PDFs. This has been a long time dream and yeah, Webflow made it possible ;)

What it does

This website features my portfolio in a very subtle, clean, and in an interactive way. There are few interactions for the user to take interest and check out my works. There are Vinyl Records turning, which when clicked will open a pop-up with my work. There's a Testimonial section and a Contact Form along with clickable links to my social profiles as well.

Ps: All device responsive :)

How I built it

I built this Website completely using Webflow. The videos are embedded using Youtube. Webflow really took away my job of designing using a designer like Figma/Sketch/Illustrator and later developing it. This really made my process quick and easy. I've used Lightboxes to make my works pop-up and an interactive nav-bar.

Challenges I ran into

  1. It was quite difficult for me at the beginning to come up with a solid way to present my videos.
  2. Took some time to make it mobile responsive but Webflow is our buddy here.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To have completed this over 24-hours. This is unbelievable mate!

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