Inspired by the great an innovative pitch from Majestic and Spartan, the developers created a game of epic survival in the face of reptilian fury. The 2d top down maze game will pit the last surviving Spartan unicorn (Aaron) against his under evolved foes, the great T rex army. Although the Spartans have fallen, their helmets provide courage and health for Aaron should he feel weak from his journey.

Challenges I ran into

Bobby: Drawing each animation frame by frame was quite the challenge, as indeed the great likeness that was Aaron needed to be achieved to its fullest. Despite this, Aaron was indeed created into the most majestic unicorn he could be.

What's next for Aaron the Unicorn

Will he survive the great labyrinth city of Astonia? Or will he fall victim to the small, yet capable arms of his T-rex foes? His fate is in your hands.... Beware of failure and do him proud. Remember you are the only hope for the last Spartan Unicorn.

How I built it

We used Unity3D as the game engine, providing the framework. Jack worked on the general mechanics of enemies, such as the enemies, health, score and etc.. Tim and Ashleigh worked on the procedural generation of the levels (if given a short amount of time longer, we would have provided an in-unity generation tool. The tools used to generate the levels were written in python, and produce a Hexadecimal representation of the level itself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time using a maze solving algorithm to create perfectly solvable mazes every time, by using the solving part of the algorithm to make sure, as the maze is being created that it's not creating an impossible maze Using unity for longer than 30 minutes without it crashing

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