As High School students, we have to manage a heavy task load, and multitasking isn't something easily doable. We decided to make an application with every tool that students could possibly need, and then some.

What it does

It is a web application with the ability to make windows with custom or default tools that students would use in school.

How I built it

It is a framework made with JS and HTML. It dynamically creates frames for any site or tool the user would need, all with the ability to make it look however the user prefers.

Challenges I ran into

Making dynamic frames that the user has total control over is a framework, and wasn't that easy to implement. We were all beginners at HTML so we were learning the concepts and the JS on the way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did understand HTML so much more while making this site, and by making an implementation with JS to dynamically create elements in the site, it made understanding the code so much better.

What I learned

Learned a lot about the HTML structure, as well as how CSS and JS work alongside. We also used JQuery at a point and learned about that as well.

What's next for SchoolToolz

With an application that's so versatile, a lot of what we do can easily be added to the source, meaning more default tools that students as well as making the interface much prettier

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