We are passionate to improve Education System via Open Discussions on education in our schools. The problem is, there is a lack of citizen’s voice in what gets taught to children in Schools. There is no mechanism to gather feedback and discuss on what is being taught in schools.

What it does / ## How we built it

We have created an ICT based solution to gather feedback and to let everyone in the society to participate on any aspect of education system. And all this can be initiated via single sms.

Our system will automatically respond to the queries and sort it in a systematic manner. The information hence gathered will be made public, anonymously, on the Internet for transparent discussion. Anyone will be able to comment on this. We will also notify the feedback initiator via sms that a response has been generated on their feedback. The conversation can continue this way. Hence we will allow citizens to engage easily with each other.

What's next for "Aao Sochain"

This feedback will be then be processed and provided to policy makers in various education boards. So that future curriculum will be better. As a long term projection, we have started to open the National Curriculum on the web, for discussion, by the experts. We also expect to get it translated via crowdsourcing in Urdu and other regional languages, so that it can be discussed for improvisation, more easily.
We can also make mobile apps for feedback and discussion. We will make it sustainable via donations and funding from organizations working in education sector.

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