Traveling alone can be frightening, especially for women, who often have a lack of experience and a greater vulnerability to crime. In addition, there’s no way to split costs for necessities such as living spaces and rideshares, and it’s difficult to try a wide variety of foods without anyone to share with. In theory, it’s best to find travel buddies among friends. But in practice, it’s difficult to coordinate trips because of schedule differences, cost concerns, and a general lack of interest. Many would-be travelers are deterred from booking flights due to safety concerns and the high costs associated with solo traveling. We see a gap here between the number of people who want to travel and the number of people who actually book flights, and we believe American Airlines can reach these would-be travelers by offering AAdventure as a service to help their passengers find travel partners.

What it does

We built the AAdventure app to connect potential travel partners with each other. Accounting for preferences such as age, gender, and price range, our algorithm matches people based on their common interests and destination plans. If you don't click at first, you can choose to be anonymously rematched with another potential AAdventurer.

How we built it

We did user research with some solo traveler friends and found their 3 largest paint points:

  1. Travelling alone is dangerous.
  2. It is difficult to coordinate trips with others due to conflicts with time, money, and interests.
  3. It is expensive to travel alone.

We then began to brainstorm, how we could help solo travelers find people to travel with. After brainstorming many wild ideas, we decided that an app that focused on utilizing the free planning time before a trip would be ideal and allow for the most participation among users. By allowing an organic but curated experience for travelers to get to know each other, we created a safe place to meet others through an anonymous but informed chatroom with other fellow flyers. From trip planning to being airplane seat buddies to any cool plans for the trip itself, we wanted to help users create amazing AAdventures together.

For the frontend, we used Xcode and SwiftUI. For the backend, we used ts (Typescript not Taylor Swift) and the American Airlines Flight Engine API, as well as a realtime Firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was our first time using many of these technologies, it took some time to set up our environment and learn the basic syntaxes of these languages/frameworks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Confetti :D

What we learned

Swiftly learning swift. Typing in TypeScript is tough. Flexible Firebase is fun.

What's next for AAdventure

Integrate with booking seats, increase the number of users in a group, coordinating return flights.

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