What inspired you

I and my brother live in different countries and we always find more ways to connect/spend time with our Mom, Dad and extended family. Metaverses available today focus on the gamers. I want to build a space in the metaverse where we all can come face to face virtually and enjoy various immersive experiences. I want me, my brother and parents to visit a shop in the metaverse before ordering a product to be delivered home. Currently, the average age of the metaverse users is 27. We want Aadiland to be used by young as well elderly populations.

What it does

Aadi means The beginning. In the beginning, communities were formed based on the language people used to communicate with each other. Aadiland is a virtual paradise where you can build, socialize and prosper together in language-based communities. Aadiland will mask the complexities of web3 technology and provides diverse experiences not only for Gamers but for everyone.

How we built it

We assembled a team of Web3 architect, Graphic designer, Metaverse developer, Full-Stack developer and Tokenomics expert. First week of the hackathon was spent on the metaverse concept, technology stack selection, look and feel of the metaverse and UI/UX. The biggest challenge was to provide an easy-to-use platform so that even my parents will be able to spend time in the metaverse. We used open source technologies to such as Three.js, Mozilla Hubs/Spoke, React.js, Blender, etc. We worked every day for 3-4 hours. we had atleast 2 standups to assign tasks, resolve issues and screen shares.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the graphics design with Three.js code to rotate, zoom and select a space in the globe. We had to consult with industry experts and make it work. Optimizing the 3D models for Mozilla Hubs/rooms/scenes so that users doesn't have to wait long to end the metaverse. Integrating Opensea with the fashion store for users to make a purchase. It took 2 weeks for the donation feature in the temple integrating the user dashboard with metamask wallet using Moralis web3 API for token transfer. It was complex for a team which never worked on a web3 project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During the hackathon;

  • We designed and created Aadiland's globe using Three.js
  • We used web3 APIs for user management and Metamask wallet authentication.
  • We created a dashboard for the users to manage wallet, enter the metaverse and token transfers
  • We used Opensource Mozilla Hubs to create two communities namely Tamil and French
  • We minted our Clothes NFTs in the Polygon network and integrated OpenSea with our fashion store.

What we learned

As a team, we gained more knowledge about : Web3 technologies, Metaverse UI/UX, Wallet functionality. Minting NFTs in Opensea.

What's next for Aadiland

Aadi Tokens and Community founder NFTs will be created, minted and sold Aadi Toolkit - Tools/platform/API/SDKs for the creators and builders. Aadi Hub - event space for hosting business meetings, family gatherings, sales campaigns, etc. Aadi Marketplace - Aadilonians can mint, auction, sell and buy digital assets for their land, houses, businesses, shops, Aadi Launchpad - Businesses, groups and individuals can create a variety of experiences such as shopping, wellness, entertainment, education, games, etc Aadi JobsMarket - Employment opportunities such as shop keepers, sales assistants, customer support agents, event managers, housekeepers

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