"Jump, Shake, Push, Pull, & Scream your way through this kinesthetic iPad game!

The goal of Aaah! Condiments is to capture foods by defeating them in a shake-out battle fest on the iPad. The foods each have their own difficulty level based on their calorie content. Whatever you do, don't let the condiments latch on to the food!

How many calories can you defeat before the condiments take over? See if you can earn all 10 un-condimented badges."

In Aaah! Condiments!, the player holds their iPad and moves their body around to "defeat" 10 different common foods. Players must shake left & right, pull their arms in and out, and jump up and down. Every once in a while, the player will get a brief rest to take a breather. And when the evil condiments appear- ketchup, butter, & sugar- the player must scream loudly to scare the condiment away.

Although Aaah! Condiments! is a fun, light-hearted game, its hidden goal is to encourage an understanding of the relative caloric content of food. Aaah! Condiments! uses a kinesthetic method of creating associations with foods- kids learn to appreciate the real caloric difference between carrots & a cheeseburger. A strong physical reaction to the appearance of a condiment also creates a physical association to the presence of sugar, ketchup, & butter.

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