People often tend to like to have and train characters in games, especially Pokémon, Digimon and so on, which are popular in the world. We know the fun of raising and wanted to have games in the same category in alexa skill. So in last May, we've developed the skill "Yurumon", which is the game of raising monsters, called "Yurumon". And this time, we've developed newly "Yurumon2" with new functions and In-Skill Product.

What it does

In this skill, you can raise monster called Yurumon, their feature is loose character. There 3 modes to raise Yurumon, which are Gohan mode (feed food to Yurumon), Training mode, and Battle mode. If you play these mode several times, and get age (login several days), Yurumon will evolve. There are 20 Yurumon including enemy Yurumon you'll encounter in Battle mode. We offer the picture book of Yurumon function, so you'll enjoy not only raising, but also filling the picture book of Yurumon. If you raise Yurumon a lot, Yurumon will give birth to kid, and you raise the kid in the next. So you can raise Yurumon again and again and encounter another Yurumon. And in Kakei mode, you can see the number of generation and name of Yurumon, which you have raised ever.

How I built it

Node.js, Alexa SDK v2, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3

Challenges I ran into

To control the status parameters of Yurumon, which are used by judging for evolution, considering the In-Skill Product for evolution. To personalize the picture book of Yurumon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

・The picture book function We offer users fun of filling the picture book in addition to raise Yurumon.

・In-Skill Product "Shinka No Kusuri" To respond to users who want to eager to fill the picture book, we offer the product. Using it, users can select which Yurumon become as the result of evolution.

What I learned

The best thing what we learned this time is how to realize the function of the picture book of Yurumon by Alexa. On the function, users can see only Yurumon which users have encountered within this skill. To realize the function, we need to find how to express the picture book and how to know Yurumon users have encountered individually. We've realized the function using Display Template, and storing user's data in DynamoDB.

What's next for yurumon2

・Add more Images and voices of Yurumon, to have more reality

・Add function to link with Sumerian, which is AWS service, so that users can operate Yurumon by Alexa on the Web Apps hosted by Sumerian

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