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What inspired us?

Schools around the world have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the European Union, almost 60 million students and more than 5 million teachers are out of school in Europe, urging teachers to create numerous forms of online teaching. Whereas some teachers already use digital workspaces in their schools, some others never had to do so, nor to conduct videoconferences, especially among young students (primary schools and middle schools) or in developing countries. They may experience difficulties in selecting the right tool and to manage its different features, such as students’ microphones, whiteboard etc., and to attract the students’ attention during the sessions.

Our solution

According to OECD, there appears to be a great disconnect between the students' and teachers' competence in ICT. With Deegiflip, the roles are flipped: the teachers become students and the students become teachers!

Deegiflip is a user-friendly, and especially teacher-friendly platform! It will foster teachers-students collaboration in order to develop the teachers' skills in online teaching and provide them with tailored personal assistance on mastering online tools. All this with special attention to the users' privacy and security.

Digital native students have the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with digital immigrants among teachers. They can give something back to them and offer them a different perspective on teaching. Last but not least, students interacting with teachers will be rewarded.

How does Deegiflip work?

Deegiflip makes it easy for teachers to book a session with a student-expert on the tool the teacher wants to master in a matter of seconds, through an intuitive web interface. All the teacher has to do is to select the tool they want to learn, the time slot in a calendar that suits them for a call, the language(s) they speak and leave their email address. That’s it!

The platform then automatically matches the teacher with a student who is an expert on the same tool, speaks the same language and is available at the same time, creates a calendar entry and sends an email to inform the teacher, with a direct link to a digital meeting room hosted on our platform. All the teacher has to do is join the call at the right time, without any need for registering an account, and learn the digital tool of their choice from a digital native student! After the call, the lessons’ impact will be measured on a scale from one to five from the teacher so that we can assess the quality of service.

Recognising the students’ digital competences is only the beginning when it comes to how Deegiflip empowers students. Students can connect with other digital native students globally and exchange knowledge and best practices on Deegiflip’s secure digital environment. Furthermore, advanced gamification features with real rewards, take the students’ motivation and further development to the next level! The students can customise their digital avatar, gain experience points with every session they host, every teacher they teach and every tool they help master. Every new level they reach unlocks access to new features for their Deegiflip character, while the combination of tools, languages and teachers they reach, together with their rating from the teachers they taught, brings them more “flipcoins”, Deegiflip’s own digital currency, which they can use to buy real rewards from our sponsors, available on Deegiflip’s embedded marketplace!

Connecting the competences of our student experts with the real digital needs of teachers on the one hand, and with real rewards for the students on the other is the best way to achieve our mission: make online teaching and e-learning accessible and easy to everyone. We really believe in collaboration as the solution to this issue, especially during this pandemic. That’s why we want to empower teachers who are struggling by learning from their own students.

What we have done during the weekend

This weekend, social innovation design students, a gamification expert, a software developer, a UX designer, teachers and professors united to build a wireframe of this new learning tool. We developed the UX design of the platform, the business model and the value proposition of our idea. After this weekend we just need software developers to join us so we can make it happen together and soon we’ll be ready to deploy and test it in other countries!

Impact during Coronavirus

The Corona crisis obliged many unprepared teachers to switch to online teaching. Deegiflip empowers them to develop ICT skills in order to offer their students interactive learning situations. Through collaborative learning, expert students support school teachers. These are, in turn, able to keep in touch with their own students and support disadvantaged or struggling students.

Impact after Coronavirus

After the crisis, Deegiflip will ultimately enhance teaching and learning online as well as in schools.

By improving the teachers’ technical mastery of ICT tools and their use on a routine basis, Deegiflip will be an important tool to promote and enable the professional development of teachers. It is expected to foster teachers’ and students’ overall performance and motivation.

Moreover, it will develop project management and collaboration skills, as well as increase motivation among the students, who will be more aware of their digital competences and the value they can offer, by developing their own ways to learn and help others learn. As another positive side-effect of this process, their empathy towards their teachers' efforts will increase, due to the fact that they will be sharing a similar responsibility to teach as well, vastly improving their interpersonal development all along the way.

We believe in treating the challenge of this crisis as an opportunity and we are certain that the value of our product will remain and even increase after the quarantine measures are over, as they will only help reveal a need that was there all along and an innovative way to address it. Furthermore, the platform could be enhanced in the future, offering teachers more courses or various digital services on top of the main function.

What's next?

We plan to obtain funds in order to hire software developers and work on our impactful project which we developed during this hackathon, with a brand new team of innovators who didn't know each other before! Then we'll be able to test our prototype with teachers and students in our 7 home countries and keep improving it until it brings the change we envision!


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