A lot of AA customers have to face over-sized luggage problem at the last moment. Our application helps customers with easy luggage size check at home, before they leave for airport.

What it does

AA Luggage Checker uses computer vision to compute the size of the luggage just by one clicking from a mobile. It gives estimation for the user about their luggage size and make them prepare for the travel.

How we built it

We used a lot of libraries form python like CV2, Numpy, imutils, scipy and so on to implement effective computer vision. We also built some GUIs for the better customer experience. Similarly, we used information mentioned on the American Airlines like sizes of luggage, price and so on to figure out what luggage plan would customer likely to have.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest thing was to effectively implement and use computer vision to figure out the size of the luggage from the video. It also face lots of difficulties to transmit videos from phone's camera to the application using IP address to make the application portable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Computer vision that can exactly figure out the size of the luggage or any object.

What we learned

To use and implement computer vision and object recognition from a video using small frames, perspective and contour.

What's next for AA Luggage Checker

This application can be a very useful tool for AA's customers in practical and daily basis. We are planning to launch an android and ios application on stores in near future.

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