LGBTQ+ are the people who are to be treated like equals and encourage them to have a free open mindset and live with the community of humanity as they belong in it. Unfortunately they are not treated well by common folks and rejected by Companies in Job applications just because of thier orientation and inner righthousness. This Site helps not only uplift the PRIDE Community at large and help them find Jobs but also Show them that they are not alone and We Care!! Firstly we have created a Resume Preparation page that gives hand crafted and personally choosen answers to Resume queries so that PRIDE members have a flawless resume showing them thier uniqueness and skills. Secondly, we have the Interview preparation page that makes the Pride Members standout not because of thier orientation but because of thier Language Grips and Knowledge about Cracking the interviews. The website gives tailor-made answers to interview questions to help PRIDE always outshine! Thirdly, Accpetance and Inclusion Blogs are the main feature of the website that show these minority groups that big companies are willing to accept them with open arms and hearts and give them equal status and jobs. These blog page help remove fear from PRIDE Members and push them to apply for jobs with knowing the good security they would receive. Fourthly, the Jobs Finder Page is the most crucial component of the website where the PRIDE group of people apply for jobs asper thier choice and likings. The Job Filter shows different jobs for specifc groups like Gay or Lesbian or Transgender...hence motivating them to apply and recieve notable mentions. Lastly, Community Members have got each other's backs giving them support and enthusiasm by sharing thier Experiences and Positive Job Search Stories using our Website Reviews Page. This would help scare the fear in the mindset of minority groups to apply and focus on the Jobs as they do not need to worry about rejections as selection of other Pride Members by Big Coorporations are done.

❓What it does❓

The application is built with 6 key functions:

  • Handcrafted Resume Preparation
  • Interview Prep(Job Ready)
  • Acceptance & Inclusion Blogs
  • OnSite Jobs Available for Pride Community
  • Satisfied Community Member Reviews
  • Chat Bot
  • Twilio Video Chat and Mobile Support

🏗️How we built it🏗️

We mainly used HTML, CSS, JavaScript for executing the website. We used Twilio to implement the online chatbot. Twilio was used to Video Chat and Mobile Support Services. We used Bootstrap and JQuery for themes of the website and UI. We tried to use Google Cloud to host the website.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

We have a time zone difference which made it hard to work in teams. But we overcame it and have a blast while making a fun website together. It was a great team!


We are proud of the final project we built. We learned a lot while working on the project not just technically but also time management. We are proud we could complete the project and deliver a beautiful fully functional Hack this weekend.

📚🙋‍♂️What we learned📚🙋‍♂️

We learned so much about HTML and CSS Design and implemented UI/UX to the fullest of our Capabilities to make it look Asthetic and Attractive for users. Considering the fact that half of the team were beginners in coding yet we were able to manage the time well and Implement the ideas we had brainstormed. We also learnt the critical use of JQuery and Bootstrap for the themes of the website and tried to make it as visually attractive as possible.

⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️Time Management⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️

We had a tough time managing time this weekend with our participation in this Hackathon as we had to work on multiple things altogether. We lost alot of hackathon time in brainstorming and team building yet we are proud that things went according to our plans. Fortunately, we could do this by distributing our work and focusing on multitasking. Extremely excited for all the learnings and teachings we had got through this hack.

💭What's next for Pride be Jobventureus💭

We aim to develop this platform and collaborate with users to make it a genuine free product that benefits everyone and introduces new features and other enhancements.

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