we all know that familly links are the most important links that should be preserved.And technology nowadays is not provinding that,family links have been going throughout difficulties in the 10th passed years the thing that has inspired us to build an application that brings family closer and it's not just about linking parents with children, or cousins of the same age – the silver surfers also have a raft of opportunities to connect with their young relatives.We are offering a whole host of brand-new ways to bring families closer together for happier relationships.

What it does

with only one click the user sees the exact location of the member chosen.Plus,The member receives a post notification that shows that the person is at 50-100 meters far,and that asks for a meeting of the two family members.The post notifacation will be registered in an electronic agenda that reminds the user of the last seen date. And for far loved ones, there will be an instant messaging option that will make sure to bring their links closer together.

How we built it

Using ruby on rails language to develop the web application ,vue.js for a fast application developement and MIT app inventor that allows new comers to computer program to creat softwar apps for android system used as a graphic interface.We also used firebase for the authentification to know the identity of a user,plus google map to locate the member,REST API which allows querying systems to access and manipulate textual representations of web ressources through a set of uniform,predefined and stateless operations.

Challenges we ran into

the localisation with a perimetre. Creating an istant messaging option in a short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making two platforms one for the phone appand anothe for the web app. Using the same API and being able to communicate.

What we learned

team work. How to go over need to sleep.

What's next for a9rab

Link to Google personnal calendar to when you've seen others last time. Use eventful API to give event suggestions to do with your family.

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