Elevator Pitch

A4A is a bridge between universes. We connect the metaverse and meatspace through Augmented Reality.


We're witnessing blockchain beyond DeFi. We're talking about NFTs, but their impact is still a minimum part of what we can do. Artists and PFPs are banded together within the Metaverse, and NFTs are synonym with:

  • Art and the artist liberation of the traditional circuits
  • PFP / Avatars and Identities... which boil down to communities, tribes and self-identification
  • Metaverse and worlds built beyond the limits of reality, amazing digital art experiences where concerts are happening, exhibitions and architectural formations.

But COVID has shown most of us the importance of the real world and we are merging the best of both.

What it does

It's a combination between Pokemon go and NFTs.

How we built it

Solidity: NFT GO: api, back end. Flutter AR Core AR Kit Cart magician (image png into 3D objects) Whimsical Rarible api

Challenges we ran into

Match geolocations with 3D spaces

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to render and show NFT art in augmented reality

What we learned

Augmented reality

What's next for A4A

Our roadmap consists in: 1) AR Art gallery (hackathon demo) 2) Builder mode: tooling to create digital art installations in overlay to real physical locations - save them, distribute them, share them, sell them. 3) NFT parcels: economic and ownership model. Geolocated local ownership Make parcels in the real world that can be owned and augmented with nfts. This is for art galleries, gaming, advertisement, communities that want to own and build spaces both in the metaverse and in meatspace.

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