I just thought of this out of the blue. I thought it would be cool to not just see my gps route around the neighborhood. Instead, what if I picked my favorite city in America and "exercised" my way there. I could update and observe the progress I made following a route in Google Maps. Facebook integration would make login easy and thus allow you to share with, (and compete against) your friends and family. Finally, as crowdsourcing becomes a viable option for many up and coming ideas and companies, why not use it to help you pay for you next vacation, and help others get to there's. If you had a few friends and family donate just a few cents per mile of exercise, you could easily knock off tens of dollars. For a college student like me, getting money to travel by exercising sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Finally, with the continued development of wearable technology, A2B could utilize these devices to continuously track your distance traveled and apply it to your route, no manual input needed!

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