Improvements in technology that enable more intuitive Augmented Reality experiences.

What it does

A2AR is a platform that allows for Augmented Reality to be easily created and experienced by the whole city. Simply pick a location, populate that location with AR augmentations, and people in that area can interact with the experience you've created!

How we built it

We initially built this project all into a single Django server, but then decided to decouple the API from the front end. There is a web application for the admin clientele to create and populate experiences, and an iOS app that allows for AR interaction with the augmentations.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lack of familiarity with Postgres databases, and issues connecting our database to django hindered our ability to deploy the final version of the client. It was our first time building an end to end product in Swift, as well as our first time setting up the vue.js stack instead of simply using a preconfigured web pack. We also had no green screen to easily capture and edit deployable AR videos.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an entirely end to end platform for location-aware Augmented Reality.

What we learned

Swift. Vue stack and architecture of modern Django apps. Video based AR overlays. The human body's limit for caffeine.

What's next for A2AR

Make Ann Arbor the world's first augmented city.

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